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The Hosts: Peter and Nancy Torpey

This Week's Show:

1430 Using the iPhone Camera for Access (Jul. 23, 2014)
Show Notes
Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey speak with Judy Dixon, author of “Get the Picture: Viewing the World with the iPhone Camera”. The book provides information to help people who are blind use the camera on an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad to perform many daily tasks such as identify currency, recognize objects, read text or even take photographs.

About Eyes On Success:

This half-hour weekly radio program and podcast discusses products, services and daily living tips for people with vision loss. It is available through radio reading services across the US and Canada, via 3 internet streaming services, and to everybody else as a podcast at the link above. To date, the show has been downloaded in all 50 states in the US, 8 Canadian provinces and over 90 other countries on all the inhabited continents. Eyes On Success is hosted and produced by Peter Torpey and Nancy Goodman Torpey and distributed by WXXI Reachout Radio in Rochester, NY.

Topics range from detailed descriptions of adaptive equipment and programs such as screen readers and portable Braille displays to discussions of various accessible reading materials to personal stories of engaging in extreme sports and other hobbies. There's something for everyone on Eyes On Success.

Eyes On Success has been airing weekly since January 2011. Prior to January 2013 the name of the show was ViewPoints. Other than the name, nothing has changed.

Eyes On Success, then known as ViewPoints, was awarded the 2012 Program of the Year Award in the Consumer Information category from the International Association of Audio Information Services (IAAIS) for show #1242 about Downloading and Reading Books on a Smart Phone.

You can subscribe to the podcast or download individual shows at the "Podcasts with Show Notes and Archive" link above. You will also find a brief description of each show plus links to show notes with contact information for the products and services discussed in each one.

To contact us with questions, comments or suggestions for future shows send an e-mail to hosts@EyesOnSuccess.net
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About The Logo:

The logo is a black square with rounded corners and has the letters EOS in silver across the top with 4 silver lines fanning out downwards from the bottom of the O. Since the initials of the show's name (Eyes On Success) spell the name of the Greek goddess of the dawn (EOS), the logo was designed to give the impression of a sunrise which in turn provides a positive uplifting feeling in keeping with the theme of the show. Each episode is basically a success story. Some are human stories of visually impaired people's accomplishments. Others are descriptions of adaptive aids that enable visually impaired people to achieve things. In all cases, the focus is on success. We are grateful to our daughter Allison for the graphic design work.

About The Hosts:

The Torpey's both have PhD's in Physics and retired from Xerox Corporation after over 25 years in corporate research. Nancy is sighted and Pete is blind, and they've been learning together for many years. Pete and Nancy have two adult children, and they love to travel, hike and enjoy music together.

Here are photos of them snowshoeing near the Erie Canal, in their backyard and in their home studio recording Eyes On Success.

photo of Pete and Nancy snowshoeing near the Erie Canal photo of Pete and Nancy with woods in background photo of Pete and Nancy in their home recording studio

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