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1451 Accessibility at Google (Dec. 17, 2014)
Show Notes
This week hosts Peter and Nancy Torpey talk with Eve Andersson, Manager of Accessibility Engineering at Google, about Google’s efforts to make their products more accessible. She outlines how Google has responded to the concerns of advocacy groups and individual users and has fully integrated awareness of accessibility into Google’s product development process.

1450 Blind Friendly Architecture (Dec. 10, 2014)
Show Notes
Chris Downey had been a practicing architect for 20 years when he suddenly lost all his vision. Undaunted, he has continued his work using his new understanding of how people with vision loss experience spaces. Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with him about what is important in designing blind friendly buildings and how he does his work.

1449 Tablet Comparisons for Blind Users (Dec. 3, 2014)
Show Notes
Tablet devices are gaining in popularity and there are many options. Selecting the right tablet for the needs of a blind person using speech output can be a daunting task. Hosts Peter and Nancy Torpey talk with Robbie Sandberg of Information Pool for Computer Technology aimed at Blind and Partially Sighted People (INCOBS) about their test results to help you choose.

1448 Tablet Comparisons for Low Vision Users (Nov. 26, 2014)
Show Notes
There are many varieties of tablet devices. Selecting the right tablet for the needs of a low vision person using magnification and/or color controls can be difficult. Hosts Peter and Nancy Torpey talk with Robbie Sandberg of Information Pool for Computer Technology aimed at Blind and Partially Sighted People (INCOBS) about their test results to help you choose.

1447 Advocating for Disability Rights (Nov. 19, 2014)
Show Notes
Haben Girma is a deaf-blind attorney who works for Disability Rights Advocates in San Francisco, CA. Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with her about what disability rights advocacy includes and about some of her major cases settled either through negotiation or initiating class action suits. We’ll also learn how she got into this field and does her work. A written transcript of this episode is at: transcript of show 1447

1446 Improving Interactions With New Technologies (Nov. 12, 2014)
Show Notes
Shaun Kane does research on Human-Computer Interactions (HCI), focusing on how visually impaired people interact with computers, how to facilitate that interaction, and how computers can be used to improve their life experiences. Hosts Peter and Nancy Torpey speak with him about his work to understand how blind people communicate when navigating and about 3D printers.

1445 Fitness, Massage and the Blind Café (Nov. 5, 2014)
Show Notes
Bill Kociaba owned and operated a fitness center for nearly 20 years. Now he works as a massage therapist and runs exercise classes over the internet on The Blind Café. Hosts Peter and Nancy Torpey talk with Bill about his experiences as a blind businessman, the importance of exercise, as well as about other resources one can find on The Blind Café web site.

1444 KNFB Reader App for iOS devices (Oct. 29, 2014)
Show Notes
Devices for performing optical character recognition (OCR) have become much less expensive and technically advanced. Now you can have the power of a state-of-the-art OCR engine on your iPhone with the new KNFB Reader. Hosts Peter and Nancy Torpey talk with James Gashel, VP of KNFB’s Business Development, about the app and the history of OCR technology.

1443 Partner of One Losing Vision Early in the Relationship (Oct. 22, 2014)
Show Notes
In episode #1437 we talked with Amy Bower, a blind oceanographer. This week, hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with her husband, David Fisichella, about how they met and developed their relationship as Amy’s sight deteriorated. We’ll also discuss a book he wrote about their life and work together, “Seven-Tenths: Love, Piracy, and Science at Sea”.

1442 Long-time Partner of One who Loses Vision (Oct. 15, 2014)
Show Notes
What is it like when one’s partner begins to lose their vision? Hosts Peter and Nancy Torpey talk with Chris Roberts about how she and her husband Dan navigated the challenges of family and career during Dan’s transition to vision loss after decades of marriage. Their story shows the power of a committed partnership, good communication, and drive to succeed.

1441 Victor Reader Stream (Oct. 8, 2014)
Show Notes
Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey speak with Matthew Janusauskas, Product Manager at HumanWare for the Victor Reader family of accessible media players, about some of the new and exciting features in the new firmware update for the Victor Reader Stream that are enabled by the built-in wifi. We’ll also talk about the Victor Reader Stratus desktop version.

1440 Raising a Blind Child (Oct. 1, 2014)
Show Notes
Rebecca, a blind youth, has appeared on several prior episodes of Eyes On Success. Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey speak with her parents, Steve and Marjorie, about their experiences raising her, navigating the school system and the rest of the world, and teaching her to be an independent young adult. We also share some useful resources for parents of blind children.

1439 AFB CareerConnect (Sep. 24, 2014)
Show Notes
Unemployment among the visually impaired is very high. CareerConnect is an employment information resource developed for people with vision loss. Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with Joe Strechay, program manager of CareerConnect, about their services and tools for seeking employment, providing mentors, and many other topics related to a successful job search.

1438 Developing DAISY Standards and Players (Sep. 17, 2014)
Show Notes
After going blind over the course of his career as an entrepreneur, consultant, and software developer, Gerry Chevalier was a key contributor to the development of the DAISY standard and of the NLS and Victor Reader digital reading devices. Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with him about his commitment to accessibility and his work in that field.

1437 Working As a Research Oceanographer (Sep. 10, 2014)
Show Notes
Amy Bower gradually lost most of her vision as she pursued a Ph.D. in Oceanography and continued her career as a research scientist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with her about her experience leading research cruises, working with colleagues, and being attacked by pirates off the coast of Somalia.

1436 Fleksy Typing App for iOS and Android (Sep. 3, 2014)
Show Notes
Inputting text accurately on a touch screen keyboard can be challenging, especially if one is blind. Using predictive algorithms and auto-correction the Fleksy app makes typing easier and more reliable. Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with Ioannis Verdalis, co-founder and COO of Fleksy, about the history of the app, the technology behind it, and upcoming improvements.

1435 Macular Degeneration & Low Vision Support Groups (Aug. 27, 2014)
Show Notes
Macular Degeneration often occurs later in life. Dan Roberts shares his thoughts on navigating this life-changing transition which he experienced first-hand. Hosts Peter and Nancy Torpey also talk with him about resources and support groups that he maintains, as well as his book “The First Year: Age-Related Macular Degeneration: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed”.

1434 Using VoiceOver on the Mac (Aug. 20, 2014)
Show Notes
Both new and experienced people using VoiceOver on Mac computers will find something of interest in Janet Ingber’s new book “Learn to Use the Mac with VoiceOver: A Step-by-Step Guide for Blind Users”, available in many formats. Hosts Peter and Nancy Torpey speak with Janet about the book, many features of VoiceOver, and her career as a blind music therapist.

1433 Services and Conditions for the Blind in Malaysia (Aug. 13, 2014)
Show Notes
One of the joys of hosting Eyes On Success is meeting people from all over the world and learning about similarities and differences in how things are done. This week, hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey speak with Moses Choo, Executive Director of the National Council for the Blind of Malaysia about services they provide and conditions for the blind there.

1432 STEM Education for Blind Youth (Aug. 6, 2014)
Show Notes
Especially with computers being so accessible, science can be a great career for people with visual impairments. Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey speak with Rayshun Dorsey, who founded and heads the WizKidz Science and Technology Centers, about their programs to expose visually impaired youth to the wonder of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

1431 Tips for Finding a Job (Jul. 30, 2014)
Show Notes
The unemployment rate for people with vision loss is much greater than that in the general population. Hosts Peter and Nancy Torpey talk with Jennison Asuncion about strategies, tools, and techniques he has used to successfully search for and obtain employment throughout his professional career, even in today’s challenging environment.

1430 Using the iPhone Camera for Access (Jul. 23, 2014)
Show Notes
Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey speak with Judy Dixon, author of “Get the Picture: Viewing the World with the iPhone Camera”. The book provides information to help people who are blind use the camera on an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad to perform many daily tasks such as identify currency, recognize objects, read text or even take photographs.

1429 Considerations for Blind People Losing their Hearing (Jul. 16, 2014)
Show Notes
Adaptive equipment is available to help people with vision or hearing loss. However, there are special considerations for people with both since they cannot rely on their sight to compensate for loss of hearing or vice versa. Hosts Peter and Nancy Torpey talk with Jonathan Mosen about special issues he has faced as a life-long blind person who is losing his hearing.

1428 ZoomText Screen Magnifier (Jul. 9, 2014)
Show Notes
Although many operating systems come with built-in screen magnifiers, ZoomText from AI Squared has many more features and capabilities. Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey speak with Derek Bove, technical product manager of ZoomText for the Mac about that product, the version for the PC, and what’s expected in the future.

1427 Translation and Interpretation (Jul. 2, 2014)
Show Notes
Gudrun Brunot was born in Sweden and now lives in the U.S. Fluent in several languages, she works as a translator and interpreter as well as a voice-over actor. This week, hosts Peter and Nancy Torpey talk with her about how conditions for the blind are different in Sweden and the U.S. as well as some of the tools she uses to do her work.

1426 Navigating Using Echolocation (Jun. 25, 2014)
Show Notes
If you can’t see with your eyes, you need other ways of recognizing your environment in order to maneuver through it. Like bats, humans can also use echolocation. Hosts Peter and Nancy Torpey speak with Daniel Kish and J Louchart of World Access for the Blind about “Flash Sonar”, an echolocation technique they developed and teach worldwide.

1425 Wine Tasting and Chemistry (Jun. 18, 2014)
Show Notes
Hoby Wedler is totally blind and will soon be getting a Ph.D. in computational organic chemistry. His other passion is fine wines. This week hosts Peter Torpey and Nancy Goodman Torpey talk with him about how these two interests are related and the program he set up for sighted folks to experience wine tastings while blindfolded.

1424 OrCam Vision System (Jun. 11, 2014)
Show Notes
OrCam consists of a small camera attached to your glasses and connected to a pocket-size computer. The system identifies objects, recognizes and reads text, and speaks it to you through a bone-conduction earpiece. Hosts Peter and Nancy Torpey will speak with Chana, one of the developers of the device, and Eliav, from the marketing team about the device.

1423 Becoming a Blind Physician (Jun. 4, 2014)
Show Notes
Despite his blindness, Tim Cordes dreamed of becoming a physician. He was driven to excel in his studies and was admitted to medical school. This week, hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with him about how he got into and through medical school as well as the joys and challenges of being a practicing blind psychiatrist.

1422 Intersection of Usability and Accessibility (May 28, 2014)
Show Notes
What does it mean for a web site or application to be both “accessible” and “usable” and why are both important? Hosts Peter and Nancy Torpey speak with Whitney Quesenbery who, with co-author Sarah Horton, recently published a comprehensive book on the subject entitled “A Web for Everyone: Designing Accessible User Experiences”.

1421 Memoir of a Blind Woman (May 21, 2014)
Show Notes
Anastasia Charalambakos has been blind since birth and has led an unusual life, which she describes in her recently published memoir “From Darkness to Triumph: Creating Success Amidst Barriers”. Hosts Peter Torpey and Nancy Goodman Torpey speak with her about the content of the book as well as the mechanics of creating and publishing it.

1420 Early History of Screen Readers and Web Accessibility (May 14, 2014)
Show Notes
A number of screen readers are available to access computers. But it wasn’t always this way. Jim Thatcher was a pioneer in the development of the first screen readers and years later of the first standards for web accessibility. Hosts Peter and Nancy Torpey speak with him about the early history of both and about his current work as an accessibility consultant.

1419 Prosthetic Eyes (May 7, 2014)
Show Notes
Hosts Peter and Nancy Goodman Torpey speak with Michael Strauss of Strauss Eye Prosthetics, a board certified ocularist, about how prosthetic eyes are fabricated start to finish and about more recently developed scleral shells that fit over an existing eye. We’ll also discuss the history of prosthetic eyes and how ocularists are trained.

1418 NFB Newsline (Apr. 30, 2014)
Show Notes
NFB Newsline is a free yet extensive source of information from the National Federation of the Blind. Users can access over 250 newspapers, over 40 magazines and other items via touch-tone telephone, iPhone app, or on a computer. Hosts Peter and Nancy Torpey speak about the service’s history and features with its director Scott White, who also demonstrates it.

1417 Services from the National Federation of the Blind (Apr. 23, 2014)
Show Notes
The ultimate purpose of the NFB is the complete integration of the blind into society on a basis of equality. Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey speak with Chris Danielson of the NFB about the myriad of services they offer to achieve that goal including training, education, publications, product evaluations and partnerships to develop technology for the blind.

1416 Accessibility of the Kindle Fire HDX (Apr. 16, 2014)
Show Notes
Kindle Fire HDX is a modestly sized and priced tablet that is internet capable, portable and versatile. Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with Access Ana, who recently bought one, about its capabilities and accessibility. The built in speech output, screen magnifier and touch screen feedback enable access to the vast majority of Kindle Fire HDX features.

1415 Alpine Skiing in the Sochi Paralympics (Apr. 9, 2014)
Show Notes
Staci Mannella, a 17 year old visually impaired alpine skier, and Kim Seevers, her coach and guide, have just returned from the 2014 Sochi Paralympic Games. They speak with hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey about their preparation for and participation in this world class event as well as the friendliness of their hosts, meals, and security at the games.

1414 Knowbility’s Work to Improve Access to Technology (Apr. 2, 2014)
Show Notes
Accessible technology is a key to providing equal educational, employment and social opportunities for people with disabilities. This week hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with Sharron Rush, the Executive Director of Knowbility Inc., about how her organization promotes these goals including their annual 3-day training workshop AccessU.

1413 GW SocialEyes for FaceBook Users (Mar. 26, 2014)
Show Notes
Although social media is becoming ubiquitous, some of the web-sites are cumbersome to use for people with visual impairments. This week hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with Stephen Clower from GW Micro about their recently launched SocialEyes which facilitates using FaceBook with any of the common screen readers, including demonstrations of some features.

1412 Talking Information Center Radio Reading Service (March 19, 2014)
Show Notes
The Talking Information Center is a radio reading service in Massachusetts that provides content across the state and also through other services across the US. Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey will speak with Ron Bersani, the executive director since its inception in 1978, about the history and future of radio reading services in general and TIC in specific.

1411 Using Band-in-a-Box with JAWS (Mar. 12, 2014)
Show Notes
This week, hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk about how a blind person can use Band-In-A-Box, a program that can be used for creating musical arrangements, learning and practicing new tunes, and sharing music with others. Pete will demonstrate how the new JAWS scripts he developed can be used with the recently released 2014 version of Band-In-A-Box.

1410 VisionAware and Living with Vision Loss (Mar. 5, 2014)
Show Notes
VisionAware’s mission is to help adults who are losing their sight continue to live full and independent lives by providing information, daily living techniques, a directory of services, and a supportive online community. Hosts Peter and Nancy Torpey talk with its program director, Pris Rogers, about their resources and “Getting Started” guide for those new to vision loss.

1409 Image for Windows, an Accessible Program for Backing up Your Computer (Feb. 26, 2014)
Show Notes
We all know the importance of regularly backing up our computers, but many of us don’t for one reason or another. This week hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey will demonstrate some utilities from TeraByte Unlimited that are accessible and simple to use for backing up or restoring anything from a single file to an image of your entire disk.

1408 Ice Hockey for Blind and Low Vision People (Feb. 19, 2014)
Show Notes
Ice hockey can be a safe and fun sport for people with little or no vision. Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey speak with Matt Morrow, executive director of Courage Canada Hockey for the Blind. We’ll learn about their programs for youth and adults, what adaptations are made for the visually impaired and Courage Canada’s annual tournament.

1407 Raspberry VI (Feb. 12, 2014)
Show Notes
Raspberry VI is an accessible version of Raspberry PI, a flexible and inexpensive computer about the size of a credit card. Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey speak with Mobeen Iqbal, Mike Ray and Rill about the device, its capabilities, a wide variety of applications they’ve used it for and how it opens up the world of computing to people with visual impairments.

1406 Structured Negotiations for Information Access (Feb. 5, 2014)
Show Notes
Lainey Feingold is a disability rights lawyer whose practice is devoted to structured negotiations to improve access for people with visual impairments. Hosts Nancy Goodman Torpey and Peter Torpey speak with her about her methods and some of her successes including accessible ATM’s, credit reports, prescription bottles and web-sites. A written transcript of this episode is at: transcript of show 1406

1405 Windows 8 SmartPhone Accessibility (Jan. 29, 2014)
Show Notes
Microsoft has partnered with Code Factory to make Windows 8 smartphones accessible. Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey speak with Melanie Endres of Code Factory about Mobile Accessibility, a suite of applications which have been especially designed for the blind with a simplified interface whose textual information is spoken using a speech synthesis engine.

1404 Life as the Partner of a Blind Person (Jan. 22, 2014)
Show Notes
Eyes On Success usually focuses on products, services and daily living stories for and about people with vision loss. This week’s episode covers what it’s like for a sighted partner of a blind person. Hosts Nancy and Pete Torpey have been married for 30 years and he’s been blind since long before that. Nancy continues to learn what’s special about life with Pete.

1403 Cosmo eBrailler and the BERT Remote Braille Teaching Tool (Jan. 15, 2014)
Show Notes
Hosts Nancy Goodman Torpey and Peter Torpey speak with David Pillischer, president of Electronic Brailler LLC and inventor of both the Cosmo eBrailler electronic portable Braille embossing system and BERT, the Braille Education Remote Tool which utilizes Cosmo to enable Braille instruction remotely over the internet either one on one or in a group.

1402 Journal of Disability Related Prose and Poetry (Jan. 8, 2014)
Show Notes
This week hosts Peter and Nancy Torpey talk with Michael Northen, editor of Wordgathering, an on-line journal of items written for and by people with disabilities. We’ll learn how the journal got started, who it serves, and how you can submit material for publication. We’ll also learn about “Beauty is a Verb”, an anthology of disability related poetry that he co-edited.

1401 Google Glass for the Visually Impaired (Jan. 1, 2014)
Show Notes
Google Glass is best described as a wearable computer. One might wonder why a visually impaired person would be interested in a device whose most talked about feature is its visual display. Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with Sina Bahram and Shaun Kane, researchers in making computers accessible, about Google Glass and its special advantages for the blind.

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