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1443 Partner of One Losing Vision Early in the Relationship (Oct. 22, 2014)
Show Notes
In episode #1437 we talked with Amy Bower, a blind oceanographer. This week, hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with her husband, David Fisichella, about how they met and developed their relationship as Amy’s sight deteriorated. We’ll also discuss a book he wrote about their life and work together, “Seven-Tenths: Love, Piracy, and Science at Sea”.

1437 Working As a Research Oceanographer (Sep. 10, 2014)
Show Notes
Amy Bower gradually lost most of her vision as she pursued a Ph.D. in Oceanography and continued her career as a research scientist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with her about her experience leading research cruises, working with colleagues, and being attacked by pirates off the coast of Somalia.