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2112 Steering the Course to a Career In Science (Mar. 17, 2021)
Show Notes
Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey first interviewed Rebecca Alford in 2011 when she was in high school. Despite being visually impaired she went on to win the Intel Science competition and we’ve been following her progress ever since. Now with a Ph.D. in chemical and biomechanical engineering, having started her first job, she shares her experiences with us.

2011 Encore of 1744 Buying a Rental Property (Mar. 11, 2020)
Show Notes
Have you ever wanted to purchase a house either to live in or as an investment? Are you thinking that as a blind person that might be a questionable thing to do? Well think again! Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with Ana Garza, who has been blind since childhood, about her experiences buying a rental property and how she is making it work for her.

1152 12-28-11 Highlights from 2011 and Preview of 2012
Show Notes
This episode features highlights from the first full year and from the next year of ViewPoints with hosts Peter and Nancy Goodman Torpey. Hear some favorite clips from the show as well as some listener comments. We’ll also describe our new web-site and how listeners can use it to connect with each other and to obtain additional information.

1136 9-7-2011 Vinux - An Accessible Operating System
Show Notes
Hosts Peter Torpey and Nancy Goodman Torpey devote this entire show to Vinux, a fully accessible and easy to use computer operating system. Besides describing how it works, they interview Mobeen Iqbal and Tony Sales, two of its creators, and explain how you can get involved in follow-on improvements, updates and upgrades.