1407 Raspberry VI (Feb. 12, 2014)

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The Raspberry PI Foundation can be found at:

The Raspberry VI Project (for Raspberry PI for the Visually Impaired) can be found at:

Join the Raspberry VI mailing list by going to their site and signing up, or send an e-mail to Mike at:

Here is a list with links to some of the projects built from the Raspberry PI that were discussed in the show:

If you would like to learn more about GNU Emacs or download the program for your operating system, go to:

You can learn about emacspeak - the complete audio desktop, at:

If you would like to purchase a Raspberry PI or want to find the book "Raspberry PI for Dummies", do a search on Amazon:

In a previous episode of Eyes On Success we talked with Mobeen Iqbal about Vinux. Click on the link below to find links to the audio and show notes for that episode:
Show #1136: 9-7-2011 Vinux - An Accessible Operating System