1414 Knowbility’s Work to Improve Access to Technology (Apr. 2, 2014)

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Note: Show #1409 of Eyes On Success about Image for Windows generated a lot of questions from listeners about restoring a complete disk image from a backup. We updated the show notes associated with this episode to address some of these questions. The audio and updated show notes for this episode can be found at:
Show #1409: Image for Windows, an Accessible Program for Backing up Your Computer (Feb. 26, 2014)
If you would like to join our listener e-mail forum where much of this discussion took place, send an e-mail to:

You can find out more about Knowbility from their web site at:
or by calling: 512-305-0310

You can find out more about Access U which runs from May 12 through 14, 2014 by clicking on the link below: