1523 Composing and Performing Music (Jun. 3, 2015)

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Rachel Flower's web site is:

You can also listen to some of Rachel's music on SoundCloud by going to:

Here is a YouTube recording of Rachel performing “Montana” with Dweezil Zappa and his band:
Rachel Flowers performing with Dweezil Zappa (on YouTube)
She did a blazing hot guitar solo starting at 2:10 followed by trading 4’s with the band’s lead guitarist, then a vocal solo starting at 6:20.

You can see the trailer for the upcoming documentary: “Rachel Flowers: Hearing is Believing” at:
Trailer for “Rachel Flowers: Hearing is Believing” (on YouTube)
and the homepage for the documentary is at:

Here is a hint for interacting with videos on YouTube more efficiently using a screen reader

  1. If you are using the JAWS screen reader with YouTube in your browser, turn off the virtual cursor by hitting JAWSKey+Z. Other screen readers may have a different hotkey for doing this and/or the terminology might be a little different.
  2. Now the following keystrokes that are native to YouTube can be used to control playback:
    1. "J" = skip backward
    2. "K" = pause
    3. "L" = skip forward
    4. "M" = mute
  3. When done, remember to turn the virtual cursor on again by hitting JAWSKey+Z (or the appropriate keystroke for your screen reader).