1533 Technology for Low Vision (Aug. 12, 2015)

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If you would like to contact Jenn Mohr, you can call her at: 585-208-7115
or e-mail her at: Jennifer.D.Mohr@gmail.com

You can find out more about C-Tech from their web site at:
or by calling: (800) 228-7798 or (845) 735-7907

The main web site for HIMS is:
You can also contact HIMS by sending an e-mail to:
or by calling: 888-520-4467

If you would like to hear an episode of Eyes On Success in which we interviewed a representative from HIMS to talk about their products and focusing on the Blaze Multi-Players, click on the link below to find a summary of the show along with links to the audio and show notes:
Show #1527: HIMS Blaze Multi-Players (Jul. 1, 2015)