1612 Blind Active Duty Police Officer – part 1 (Mar. 16, 2016)

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eSight, maker of digital eyewear designed to help improve vision for people with low vision and legal blindness. The technology can be used to read, see faces and explore the world. More information available at: eSightEyewear.com

Show Notes

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Marlon on Twitter: @MARLON86653888
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Marlon's blog is called "The Blind Way Forward". You can read his often insightful and humorous entries by going to:

Also, keep a lookout for Marlon’s upcoming book: “Four Out of Five Ain’t Bad” (not yet published as of the airing of this episode).

Some of the apps discussed in shows #1612 and #1613 that were designed for the visually impaired and which Marlon found particularly useful include: