1617 Blind Marathoner and Celebrity Guide (Apr. 20, 2016)

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Show Notes

Erich Manser's web site is:

You can connect with Erich Manser on Twitter: @ErichManser or www.twitter.com/ErichManser

Here's a link to "Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me!", the show Peter Sagal hosts on NPR:

You can connect with Peter Sagal on Twitter: @PeterSagal or www.twitter.com/PeterSagal

If you would like to hear an item on NPR about Peter Sagal and Erich Manser running the 2014 Boston Marathon go to:

Erich Manserís Team With A Vision page can be found at:

The Team with a Vision web page is:

If you would like to hear an episode of Eyes On Success in which we talked about United in Stride, click on the link below:
Show #1607: Matching Blind Runners and Sighted Guides (Feb. 10, 2016)

The main web site for United in Stride is:
You can also contact them by phone at: 617-926-4312
Or connect to United in Stride on Twitter: @UnitedInStride or www.twitter.com/UnitedInStride