1805 Camp Abilities – Camp for Blind Youth (Jan. 31, 2018)

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Show Notes

The main web site for Camp Abilities is:

You can also connect with Camp Abilities on:
Facebook: search for “Camp Abilities” and you’ll find several for various locations
Twitter: @Camp_Abilities

The main web site for the Institute of Movement Studies for Individuals with Visual Impairments is:

To reach Lauren Lieberman directly:
e-mail: llieberman@brockport.edu
Phone: 585-395-5361

The main web site for the American Printing House for the Blind (APH) is:
and the APH page about sports for youth with sensory impairments: can be found at:

The main web page for the United States Association of Blind Atheletes (USABA) is:

The main web site for the NorthWest Association for Blind Athletes is:

If you would like to hear a previous episode of Eyes On Success in which we talked about Camp Abilities click on the link below to find a summary of that episode along with links to the audio and show notes:
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