1829 WayAround Tag-and-Scan System (Jul. 18, 2018)

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Support for Eyes On Success is provided by:

...Envision AI, an iOS app that processes text and images and converts them to useful audio output to help visually impaired people. It can read things like restaurant menus in multiple languages and recognise personal belongings such as wallets or keys. More information and trial available at:
For more information send e-mail to karthik@letsenvision.com

Show Notes

The main web site for WayAround is:

Below are several ways to connect with WayAround or find out more:
E-Mail: connect@WayAround.com
phone: 833-857-7760
Facebook: WayAroundTools
Twitter: @WayAroundTools
YouTube: best to search for “WayAround Blind”

Here is a link to an audio described video explaining how WayAround is used in public spaces: