1837 Path to Success for a Military Veteran (Sep. 12, 2018)

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Show Notes

You can contact Michael Somsan by sending an e-mail to him at:

Michael Somsan’s website related to triathlons can be found at:

The main web site for the American Association of Visually Impaired Attorneys is:

Information about the National Association of Blind Lawyers, a Division of the NFB (NABL) can be found at:

The Independence Fund’s mission is to empower severely wounded veterans and their caregivers to take control of their lives. Their main web site is:

The Military Assistance Project helps out active duty and retired military personnel and their families with legal problems. Their main web site is:

The Modest Means Program of the American Bar Association helps people who can’t afford attorneys. To find the program in your state, do a search for “modest means program”.

The Arizona Center for Disability Law provides legal advocacy for people with disabilities. Their main web site is: