1841 Encore of 1335 Meeting and Dating Across Borders (Oct. 10, 2018)

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Show Notes

To connect with Vic and Karo:
Victor Tsaran on Twitter: @Vick08
Victor Tsaran on Facebook: search for Victor Tsaran
Karo Caran on Twitter: @RainbowPoetess
Karo Caran on Facebook: search for Karo Caran

The main web site for Google is:

The Google Accessibility web site is:
You can also connect with the accessibility team on Twitter: @googleaccess

You can address questions about Google accessibility to:

Information on employment at Google can be found at:

Karo Caran’s new book of poetry: “I am the Air”, as well as her other books, can be found on her page at Amazon:
The electronic version of her new book has illustrations that have ALT text, so if you're reading the book with a screen reader, you'll know what's in the pictures.

Below is a list of prior episodes of Eyes On Success featuring Victor Tsaran and/or Karo Caran: