1844 Sounds of the Stars (Oct. 31, 2018)

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Show Notes

Below are several resources from Matt Russo:
E-Mail: contact@system-sounds.com
Web site: http://system-sounds.com
twitter: @astromattrusso, or @system_sounds

Below is a link to the Jupiter video:
and a link to the on-line Jupiter app can be found at:

The source code for the apps can be found at:

Source code to create things like the TRAPPIST-1 music (Thanks to Dan Tamayo who collaborates with Matt Russo) can be found at:
It also lets people run numerical simulations of any exoplanet system and convert it to notes.

Below are several resources from Greg Salvesen:
E-Mail: astrosom42@gmail.com
The Astronomy Sound of the Month home page can be found at:
Subscribe on the web-site home page to receive notices of newly posted information in a monthly e-mail message.
The Milky Way Blues can be found at:
Twitter: Astronomy Sound of the Month is at @realAstroSoM
Facebook: @AstronomySoundOfTheMonth
The YouTube Astronomy Sound of the Month channel can be found at: