1902 Lighting Up the Night (Jan. 9, 2019)

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...WayAround, revolutionizing how people with vision loss keep track of important information about everyday things, with the tap of a smartphone. The simple tag-and-scan system promotes life-changing independence in everyday situations. Learn more at www.WayAround.com

Show Notes

The main web site for the lighted cane project is at:

If you have other questions about the project you can send an e-mail to:

You can find Debby Marchena on Facebook by searching for her name or at @dmarchena.eu.

As of January 2019, Debby and her partners are gathering funds to initiate fabrication. They are doing this part-time so it is a bit of a lengthy process. If there are interested parties who want to collaborate with them, they should contact Jeroen Willems, their Project Manager at campaign@lightupcane.com or via his cell Phone at +31 6 2957 49 48.