1916 The Voice Behind Siri (Apr. 17, 2019)

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Show Notes

To reach Susan Bennett send an e-mail to:

Susan Bennett's web site is:

Here are some other ways you can connect with Susan Bennett:
Facebook: Search for "Susan Bennett-voice of Siri" or go to www.facebook.com/siriouslysusan
Twitter and Instagram: @SiriouslySusan

To book Susan Bennett for an event, contact her agents Wes Stevens and Tom Lawless at Vox Inc in Los Angeles or at:

Susan Bennett's band in Atlanta, Georgia is called Boomers Gone Wild. You can reach them through her e-mail address. You can also find videos of them performing on YouTube.

If you would like to hear more about how synthesized speech is created click on the link below to find an entire episode of Eyes On Success devoted to that topic:
Show #1717: Encore of 1308 Progress in Speech Synthesis (Apr. 19, 2017)