1931 Distance Running with Guide Dogs (Jul. 31, 2019)

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...Aira, an app that remotely connects people who are blind or have low-vision to trained agents for access to visual information. Details are available at 1-800-835-1934 or at www.aira.io

Show Notes

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Web Site: www.guidingeyes.org
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Twitter: @GuidingEyes or https://twitter.com/GuidingEyes
E-Mail: president@GuidingEyes.org
Phone: (800) 942-0149

A feature by Jason Strother (see episode 1932) on Thomas Panek, which came out in June 2019 on BBC World Service radio can be found at:

An NPR item about Thomas Panek’s run can be found at:

Ruffwear designed and provided the harness and booties the guide dogs wore while running. Their main web site is:
More information about their Unifly guide dog harness can be found at:

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