2014 A Career with Computers (Apr. 1, 2020)

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Show Notes

Below are several ways that you can connect with Jeff Bishop:
Twitter: @JeffBishop
E-Mail: Jeff@JeffBishop.com

To find Jeff Bishop's show on ACB Radio go to:
You can also download the ACB Link on the app store which gives you access to ACB Radio and other news and resources from the American Council of the Blind.

The main web site for the Toastmasters is:

For a list of resources about the Narrator screen reader built into Windows go to the show notes associated with episode #2013 in which we talked with Jeff Bishop about what is new with Narrator. Those show notes can be found at:
Show notes for episode #2013 about Narrator

To find other episodes discussing screen reader or computer, enter either term into the search field on our web-site at www.EyesOnSuccess.net