2039 Acesight Electronic Eyeglasses (Sep. 23, 2020)

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Show Notes

The main web site for Zoomax is:

You can find out more about the Acesight digital eyeglasses at:

For questions about Acesight devices use one of the following contact methods:
Phone: 866-296-8388 or 617-297-2988
Preferred E-Mail: info@acesight.com
Alternate E-Mail: sales@zoomaxusa.com

You can also connect with Zoomax on Facebook: www.facebook.com/ZoomaxUSA or search for "Zoomax" on Twitter, YouTube, or LinkedIn.

Zoomax USA will also be releasing two special plans to those in education fields as well as seniors above age 65. For more information go to www.zoomaxusa.com. The special plans include bundled packages such as desktop CCTVs and handheld video magnifiers and direct wearable devices at discount and a free Snow 4.3 device.

To find other episodes discussing magnifiers or wearable devices, enter “magnifier” or “eyeglass” into the search field on our web-site at www.EyesOnSuccess.net