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ViewPoints 1210 3-7-12 Mac Accessibility

The Foundation Fighting Blindness fosters research aimed at fighting blindness and describes many common eye disorders on their web site:

Mike Arigo was also featured in ViewPoints show #1145 comparing the accessibility and features of the iPhone and Android phones. To download or listen to this episode of ViewPoints click on the link below:
ViewPoints #1145 - Comparison of the iPhone and Android phones

ViewPoints #1136 featured the Vinux operating system, a fully accessible version of Linux right out of the box. Click on the link below to download or listen to this episode of ViewPoints:
ViewPoints #1136 - The Vinux operating system

To get started using the accessibility features on the Mac including VoiceOver, hit the Command+F5 key combination after restarting the computer.

If you want to use the Zoom built-in magnifier, hit the Option+Command+8 key combination.

If you're reading documentation about how to use VoiceOver on the web, you will often see the abbreviation "VO" which stands for pressing the command+option key combination.

Find out more about the accessibility features built into many of Apple's products at:

To open the "Getting Started Guide" for VoiceOver on the Mac, hit Control+Option+Command+F8 on the keyboard.

If you don't have a Mac and want to read the Getting Started Guide for VoiceOver go to:
VoiceOver Getting Started Guide

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