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1712 Data Visualization Updates from SAS (Mar. 15, 2017)

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Show Notes

The main web page for SAS is:

The main web page for the SAS Accessibility team is:

You can e-mail the SAS Accessibility team at:

The SAS communities forum for accessibility is at:

You can find Ed Summers' blog at:

To connect with Ed Summers on Twitter use: @EdSummersNC
To connect with SAS on Twitter use: at @SASsoftware

In a previous episode of Eyes On Success we talked with Ed Summers about making data accessible to the visually impaired. The show notes for that episode also contain references to a number of SAS resources and collaborations that might be of interest. Click on the link below to find a summary of that episode along with links to the audio and shows notes for that episode:
Show #1542: Making Data Visualizations Accessible (Oct. 14, 2015)

Instructions for setting up the SAS Graphics Accelerator with Chrome and JAWS

  1. Install Google Chrome.
  2. Install the SAS Graphics Accelerator at
  3. Give the SAS Graphics Accelerator permission to access files such as email attachments:
    1. Press Alt to move focus to the toolbar in Chrome.
    2. Press down arrow to open the Chrome menu.
    3. Press L to move directly to the More tools menu item.
    4. Press E to activate the Extensions menu item which opens the Extensions Manager page in Chrome.
    5. Navigate to the section for SAS Graphics Accelerator and check the checkbox entitled: Allow access to file URLs.
  4. Open the attachment or URL in Google Chrome. When it opens you should hear a piano key play twice quickly. If you don’t hear that sound the SAS Graphics Accelerator was not installed correctly.
  5. Activate a button to view alternative formats for the corresponding graph. If you can’t find the buttons press F5 to reload the page and/or press Insert+Escape to force JAWS to refresh its virtual buffer.
  6. Activate the link entitled: Explore this line chart using sound.
  7. Press Insert+Z to make sure the JAWS Virtual PC cursor is off.
  8. Press left or right arrow key to navigate point by point.
  9. Press shift + left arrow or shift + right arrow to play all points in the corresponding direction.
  10. Press Control + Left Arrow or Control + Right Arrow to move to the beginning or end of the graph, respectively.
  11. Press H to open the Help page to view more commands including the ability to change speed, speech settings, etc.

How to sign up for and download the free SAS University tools

These statistical analysis tools for analyzing data and creating accessible graphs can be downloaded from a link on the main SAS web site or by going to:

Additional resources available to those using the SAS University tools

In addition, after this show was recorded, we received an announcement from SAS about some free resources that are available to people who sign up with the SAS University tools:

The following introductory e-learning courses are available to learn and brush up on programming and statistics basics:

There is also a video portal with plenty of free video tutorials at:
Free SAS video tutorials