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2133 Encore of 1844 Sounds of the Stars (Aug. 11, 2021)

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Show Notes

Since the original show #1844 aired in Oct. of 2018, some of the contact info and other resources may have changed. Below is some updated information.

Matt Russo is now at University of Toronto. His e-mail address is:
and his new web site is:

Greg Salveson is now at Los Alamos. His new e-mail address is:

Below are the resources listed in the original show notes for this episode. Some of them may still be valid and some not.

Here are several resources from Matt Russo:
Web site:
twitter: @astromattrusso, or @system_sounds

Below is a link to the Jupiter video:
and a link to the on-line Jupiter app can be found at:

The source code for the apps can be found at:

Source code to create things like the TRAPPIST-1 music (Thanks to Dan Tamayo who collaborates with Matt Russo) can be found at:
It also lets people run numerical simulations of any exoplanet system and convert it to notes.

Below are several resources from Greg Salvesen:
The Astronomy Sound of the Month home page can be found at:
Subscribe on the web-site home page to receive notices of newly posted information in a monthly e-mail message.
The Milky Way Blues can be found at:
Twitter: Astronomy Sound of the Month is at @realAstroSoM
Facebook: @AstronomySoundOfTheMonth
The YouTube Astronomy Sound of the Month channel can be found at:

If you would like to find more episodes in which we discussed sonification or astronomy just enter one of those keywords into the search field on our web site at