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2241 Getting Your Business to the Next Level (Ocr. 12, 2022)
Show Notes
The New Venture Competition awards winning participants cash prizes to help get their new or growing business to the next level. Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with long-time organizer Colleen Wunderlich as well as with the 2021 winners of the competition, Bruno D'Avanzo and Jennifer Rhodes, about their experiences with the competition.

2201 The Dream Of A Lifetime (Jan. 5, 2022)
Show Notes
The MacArthur Fellowship is a $625,000, no-strings-attached award to extraordinarily talented and creative individuals as an investment in their potential. Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with Josh Miele, blind since childhood and one of the 2021 fellows, about how his work in the field of accessibility led to him receiving this special award.

2129 On the Road Again After Covid (Jul. 14 2021)
Show Notes
Video calls with a 3 and 5 year old just don’t cut it. So hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey decided to take their first big road trip after Covid to see the grandkids in person. Hear about their journey from Colorado to Michigan through the cornfields of Nebraska and Iowa, some of the unusual sights they saw along the way, and more.

2021 BARD Mobile Gets an Update (May 20, 2020)
Show Notes
The BARD Mobile app from the National Library Service (NLS) has recently had a major update. Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with Judy Dixon of the NLS about some of the exciting new features you will find in the new app including the ability to find books by the same author, in the same series or genre, and subscribe to new releases.